ArcheBoardWe developed a desktop application, ArcheBoard, in order to support mood board making according to the predictions generated by ArcheSense. While ArcheSense mainly focuses on the technical challenges in terms of affective computing, the development of ArchBoard aimed to represent the scientific results in a way that can be used in design practices.

ArcheBoard was built upon the Adobe AIR environment, which can be freely installed in various computational platforms. The data storage of ArcheBoard utilizes the JSON data format, which has been widely used in recently years. In other words, ArcheBoard is not necessarily bonded to ArcheSense and is capable of reading any plain text file with a specific structure. Researchers can process their data using the techniques they are familiar with and load the results into ArcheBoard for visualization and initiate the design process.

The motivation for developing these applications was not to take over the role of designers
in making mood boards, but to serve as a design tool that provides an initial version of
mood board for designers to start with. The initial mood boards are based on the predictions generated by the classification model according to the real-time physiological signals.

Designers could get quick feedback from the participants or other designers about the resulting mood boards and improve them iteratively in order to have a better representation for the emotional qualities in the media content.


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • AIR environment
  • Input devices (i.e. mouse and keyboard)

Download the file for installation Download Link.