ArcheSenseArcheSense is a tool for evaluation of human experience with products or media based on physiological data of people. Research in the field of psychophysiology has demonstrated that there is a significant relationship between the way people feel at a given moment of time and their physiological signals such as heart rate or skin conductance. Therefore, the true attitudes of people towards products or performance of media can be objectively evaluated through measurement of physiological signals.

So far, this kind of evaluation technique was only available in advanced research centers. However, the advances in sensing technologies and our own research made the evaluation of human experience from physiological data considerably easier and more accessible to individuals without extensive background in psychophysiology. This app enables you to capture physiological data with Shimmer sensors, train prediction models for recognition of specific feelings and emotions of people, and perform the evaluation of human experience with products or media.

In order to use this tool you need to have sensors for measurement of physiological signals and a tablet. This app is compatible with ECG and GSR sensors produced by Shimmer. You cannot run this app on a phone. It is best to use Nexus 7 to run ArcheSense.

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